Pursued With Passion


  • Project estimating and cost model to analyze life cycle costs of the project
  • Analysis of market to determine scope in relation to current market conditions/trends
  • Schedule with review of constructability, determining ease and speed of project
  • Risk management and cost control utilized to mitigate risks while maintaining control of design and construction methods
  • Continual monitoring to ensure maximum efficiency and quality

Construction Management

  • Act as your representative and manager in the building process
  • Coordinate a project in its entirety
  • Supervise building process, providing preliminary estimates and schedules
  • Solicit contractor bids, including opportunities to use local contractors and suppliers
  • Perform bid tabulation, review and negotiations.

General Contracting

  • Provide procurement, planning, scheduling and general contracting to take your project successfully through to completion
  • On-time delivery, controlling cost, and maximizing quality, our reputation is well-known throughout the industry and is unmatched by competitor

Design Build

  • Streamlines project and forms a team of professionals with the client
  • Bring planning, design and construction together in the early stages of the process to control cost and delivery
  • Work solely with Rupe Companies instead of multiple companies
  • Outside services coordinated by Rupe Companies allowing construction to begin while design is still underway—provides opportunity for time and cost efficiency

Tenant Improvement

  • Extensive experience in remodeling existing spaces, as well as completing tenant spaces in existing facilities
  • Utilize long-term subcontractor relationships and highly skilled dedicated staff
  • Act as the liaison between client and tenant, guaranteeing seamless construction and scheduling
  • Eye for detail, deadline requirements, and demand for quality—keys to our success